Uruguay – Santi Mostaffa ft latejapride* – 1Xtra World Cup Freestyles

Mista Jam’s final entry to the 1Xtra World Cup Freestyles comes from Santi Mostaffa ft latejapride* of Uruguay.

Santi Mostaffa rapping
Montevideo Uruguay, from the south
Anyone who wants sky-blue, needs to fight for it (repeats)

Respect for each opponent. Fear no one.
Take off the hat, that here come the giants, through a hole
Who want to go home through the front door
You can smell the magic in the air
Sounding drums
Son of Italians
Son of Africans
Son of Spanish
My favourite sport, wine and barbecue, but I’m not a bum, I have my own time
And I enjoy all of this, love all of this
Before that our ancestors got off the boat
Everything isn’t lost, there are children playing football in the neighbourhood
Dreaming of taking over the world
There may be a Luis Suarez in each playing field
If you believe in God pray for the future but then do it with your feet (Goal!)
Many make promises, they accomplish, this is music to break shackles
I respect every opponent, no fear … take off the hat that here comes the giant
Intractable like Forlan from the large area, charrúas with claws in the air

Sample: «It will shoot. Shoots. Goal!!!, Goal!, Goal! Uruguayan goal!.»





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